2nd Community Collection Event

2nd Community Collection Event

Saturday, May 20 12:00 – 6:00 pm Rear of Theatre

Our E waste collection event on EARTH DAY was an unqualified success! We filled our first bin and now have another bin to fill!  We are collecting Electronic Waste to raise funds to replace our Aron’s roof.

Unwanted electronics shouldn’t end up in landfills. Most of the parts—steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals—can be recovered and made into new products or resources. To divert substances of concern from our landfills, the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), encourages responsible and safe recycling of out-of-use electronics. The program now collects 44 types of electronics.


  • Printing, Copying & Multifunction Devices
  • Home Theatre Equipment, Equalizers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Tuners & Turntables
  • Cellular Devices & Pagers
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Telephone & Telephone Answering Machines
  • Desktop Computers, Portable Computers
  • Monitors & Televisions
  • Aftermarket Vehicle Audio & Video Devices
  • Personal / Portable Image, Audio and Video Devices
  • Home / Non-Portable Image, Audio and Video Devices

To date, Ontarians have helped OES divert more than 260,000 tonnes of electronic waste from landfills. Stacked end-to-end in tractor trailers, it would stretch north from Toronto to Elliot Lake. Piled one on top of the other, those trailers would match the height of 1016 CN Towers.

Recycling electronics through OES is regulated to rigorous environmental standards; keeping substances of concern—lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, brominated flame retardants—out of landfills, protecting our waterways, roadways and natural environments.

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