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We Need Your Help

The most important benefit of Aron Co-op membership is keeping the theatre alive and building on the tradition of great movies, live music, comedy nights, and private parties.

Aron Co-op memberships cost $20 for individuals and $40 for families (parents and children under 18).

If you haven’t purchased a membership yet, why wait? It’s the best entertainment deal in town!

Become a Volunteer

Running the theatre requires many tasks, from short term day-to-day activities, to annual and periodic event planning. Consistent volunteer commitments made by our members help us stabilize and ensure the success of our theatre. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life (in most cases operating a theatre is not in their background).

What’s Involved
As members of the board or committees, volunteers make a concerted effort to attend meetings and participate in discussions to meet the theatre’s needs. Most meetings are scheduled once a month, unless deemed necessary to address certain priorities. To encourage full volunteer participation, we try to schedule meetings that fit people‚Äôs schedules.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising/Community Engagement Coordinator


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