Mission Statement

The goal of TizzArt is to raise funds for local and national charities in Canada and around the Trent Hills area. TizzArt donates 15% of the proceeds of all our products to the charity which that product promotes.


The Cat Care Initiative
About The Cause The Cat Care Initiative (CCI) is a volunteer based program located at 50 Bridge Street East, Campbellford ON. The CCI strives to help homeless cats and feral colonies in the Trent Hills municipality and find them loving homes to be adopted into.
My Art Available in both print sizes as well as available for purchase at the Cat Care Initiative’s storefront; 50 Bridge Street E.

The Aron’s Green Roof

About the Cause

The Aron plans to install a green roof with wildflowers and more. “It lasts twice as long as a regular roof, and UV damage just doesn’t happen,” said founding president Russ Christianson. Smart Green Technologies will be installing this roof for about $75,000. “We still need to raise about $23,000”, said Russ.

What Is a Green Roof?

As land and nature continues to be replaced due to population growth and urbanization, it is necessary to recover this green space. Installing green roofs is one way to reduce the negative impacts of development while providing numerous other economic, and social benefits.

My Art

Available in both print sizes.


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